A Fresh Start by Eunice Kim


This DIY comes with the hope that Groundhog Phil was wrong and there won't be 6 more weeks of winter. In light of recent snow and rather horrifying winds, I created this floral letter DIY to brighten my day. This is super easy, relatively inexpensive and great for wall decor. I personally used a wooden letter so that I wouldn't stress about cutting out a letter from cardboard but feel free to do so! That already lessens the price by $3-4 and you're recycling old materials. Ok enough chit chat, let's get started! 

Things You'll Need: 

  • Cardboard or Wooden Letter
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Artificial, Decorative Flowers 

I had all of my supplies besides the flowers so I didn't need to do too much shopping but if you do not have any of these supplies already, your local craft store should have everything for a reasonable price. As for the flowers, I bought peonies, hydrangeas and roses. My flowers were a bit on the pricey side just because I bought so many and opted for more colors but you can definitely find flowers that work for your budget. Decorative flowers are sold in most craft stores such as A.C. Moore, Michael's, Hobby Lobby as well as some dollar stores. Once I bought all of my supplies and set everything on my craft table, I was ready to DIY! 

Before gluing all of the flowers down, I cut each flower from its stem and started to arrange them on the letter. I like to see how it would look before gluing them all down! Once my glue gun was heated up, I started to glue the bigger flowers and then filled in the empty spaces with the white flowers. This project was super fun and took me around 30 minutes to make. 

It's super pretty and makes me excited for the warmer weather. Thanks for joining me in my first indelible DIY, please share in the comments below what type of flowers you used for your letter and how it turned out! 

xoxo, Eunice