Where We Are Now / by Eunice Kim

So I've been a bit MIA with this site and I declared that this summer is that time that it's coming back! Originally, this blog was made for me to post DIYs, travel tips & tricks and some photography. After having a few posts, this all just didn't sit right with me. The blog felt purposeless and I was determined to give it a purpose. 

Over the past few months and lots of thinking, I decided to repurpose the blog as my online portfolio. While I am not a full time photographer, my hope is that my photos reach someone, somewhere, somehow. Additionally, I added a blog section so that I can still sit here behind my computer screen and type away all of my inner thoughts and feelings. (I want to talk to you guys!) 

I still have lots to say and share so I want to post all that here. I am working on some calligraphy bits this summer so that will make its way up here too along with some fun, personal projects.

With that all out of the way, I can't wait to start this summer and bring site back to life.